Where are the deals? It’s the question raises every day at Investors’ homes: how do we find companies in which invest?

There is a tremendous, unprecedented volume of startups, many of these develop disruptive technologies or business models while having problems to scale the first 5-20 people.

Big corporate’s are facing an increased pressure to come up with radical innovation to sustain growth and profit. These big companies tend to have problems of coming up with such radical innovation internally and they don’t have the network to find the very early stage companies.

Why AlanAdvantage?

More than 400 startups selected till now

Artificial Intelligence

Huge Research Partner Network

Italy – Accredited Universities
Italy – ‘Ca Foscari
USA – Stevens Institute of Technology
EU – excellences

Supporting Specialists

We have a community of specialists providing technological as well as business accumen. Embedded capability to verify the behind the scenes of each start-up

Experienced Team

Enterpreneurs and seasoned executives:

Social Innovation
Telco and Telematics
Cultural Heritage

Deal Origination

Deal sourcing and origination is a slow process and Alan Advantage offers an approach that dramatically improves the quality of dealflow for investors
  • Use a specialized outbound origination program
  • Focus by geography
  • Create opportunities, for dialogue and meeting for mind share
  • Look for targets with revealing “tells”
  • Create an enviroment of transparency
  • Take advantage of social media and emerging platforms

Deal Pipeline (last two years)


1000 Initially profiled
400 Directly Interviewed
20 Selected

Growth Companies

60 Initially profiled
5 Selected

Advisory Services - Enterpreneurs

With the Alan Advantage model startups can build a deep relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Creating 100% transparency, by creating a platform for thought exchange.

Coaching to manage expectations of investors with reporting and communication

Introduction to advisors and mentors

Alan Advantage supports both the start-up and the Investors supporting as much or how little is needed

We provide support activites like marketing, pitching to customers, hiring decisions, board management & Compensation pacakge