We price better, you sell more!
DynamiTick is a company providing dynamic ticket pricing solutions. Perfect price for every single ticket.
Predictive analysis in the organization of your event to find always the right point where the demand meet the supply.


Attach. Connect. Find.
1 – Attach Filo to your valuables: your keys or your bag, drop it into your backpack or into your wallet
2 – Download the app
3 – Check the position of Filo
4 – Remember where you left your valuables. Is your Filo out of range?
5 – Retrieve your smartphone


Oreegano, the smart community of recipes, revolutionizes the way we organize and share our food, bringing in every day life the mix of taste, nutrition and conviviality. Social network for the dissemination of culinary knowledge and nutritional information, used by nutritionists to be more effertive.


Listen. Predict. Decide.
The Social Media Monitoring suite that helps you grow a data-driven business.
KPI6 software helps small and medium businesses be more successful by leveraging the Big Data from the major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Organize your University life: University, Books, Community, Discounts. Tutored mission is to be the greatest Student Hub worldwide: More than One Million students among Italy, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Spain, South America, are using Tutored services


Entando is the lightest open source Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for enterprise Modern Applications. Our platform harmonizes user experience across enterprise omnichannel applications, accelerating time to market and increasing development efficiency.


The first platform of lend crowdfunding entirely dedicated to projects of energy efficiency.

Ener2crowd wants to revolutionize a polluted world, with new ideas that can shape a more sustainable world.

The aim is to create tools that can help future generations to preserve the ONLY planet that allows us to live.


GreenVulcano Technologies was founded to provide innovative On demand, Cloud based service solutions to support Enterprise IoT use cases.
R&D Laboratories design, implement and support our products: Claudio, GV Pay and the IoT Enterprise Platform, based on the best-selling GreenVulcano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).


Powered by Taggo

An innovative start-up which certifies the exchange of information and products between same market stakeholders. Taggo is involved in Food & Beverage, Luxury and Consultancy sectors. Its flagship project is currently YHOP , the Italian craft beer platform.


Summ.ai is going to collect all the knowledge around specific sectors from different sources ranging from Social Networks to Linked Open Data to News channels.
All the data will be organized and analyzed to create a Global Social Index. We Collect data with market sector in mind.


We are the ideal partner for companies that have strong skills but can’t communicate effectively. We grow your brand by identifying existing needs and developing tailored marketing and branding strategies. Our Machine Learning based platform focuses on video marketing and supports clients in the more critical production phases. In a few minutes you will be able to define the needs and prepare the necessary information for the creative team.


A Virtual Assistant that helps you to turn your tattoo idea into reality.

Only 3 simple steps to get a suggestion of the best tattooists near you, all certified and selected for their recognized skills for each tattoo style.

We want not only to simplify the research of your tattooist, we guarantee the best experience possible suggesting the best on the market.


The main goal of ADAMANTIC is to bring the highest possible degree of security and trust to the fields of data handling, governance and transfer.

Our research aim at architectural efficiency and scalability to allow a fast and high-throughput transfer and easy and efficient distributed storage of the data, as well as a low footprint in term of hardware and network resources.


90% of startups are destined to fail due the lack of support after the first financing phase. We provide them Post Acceleration Tools and Support!

We also represent a soft type of insurance for all investors, spending quality time with their startups to make them accelerate the growth and scale up faster.


Askdata allows users to ask questions in natural language and get answers across different datasets.

Teams all over the world use Askdata to access their data, their way through natural language requests.


Lybra Tech

Pioneers of a new way to apply statistics and econometrics in hospitality industry, Lybra Tech mission is to deliver the finest & friendly information technology to hoteliers. We offer a state-of-the-art data analysis platform to hotels and resorts, based on advanced statistics and econometric models


The current employment of the MegaRide products both in motorsport and in passenger vehicle design companies is a proof of the adaptability of the activities proposed to the needs of a wide range of actors playing a key role in automotive sector: from the top ranking racing teams owners to the amateur drivers and from the tiremakers to the smart mobility pioneers.