The Vision: a new RenAIssance

We believe Artificial Intelligence has started a new renaissance era and there’s no better place to join beautiful humanity and quality of life and advanced technology than Italy.

We want to be a place where this new Renaissance is cultivated: a place where you can HUMANIZE Machine Learning; that’s why we created Enigma Hub, Alan Advantage’s Artificial Intelligence program.

Beauty and Harmony: a unique competitive advantage

Other programs aim to focus what AI will do. We want to focus what AI will be.
To boost the AI Renaissance we need a new Humanism: an utopian vision of reality that fits humans into
technology, innovation through empathy. With a new perspective, as it was the one of Brunelleschi: beauty and harmony embedded in a new knowledge that is artistic, mathematical, aesthetic and design at the same time.

The Vision: pillars

Over the long haul, technology is a job creator, merely changing people’s roles rather than eliminating them from work entirely

Given the power and applicability of AI and machine learning to just about every industrial sector, investment markets are expected to be busy with AI dealmaking in the coming years

As this renaissance dawns, we would do well to plan for a future in which people do what they are best at, being creative, compulsive communicators

What are we lookin for?

  • From analyzing legal documents to spotting tumors, computers are producing better results than humans

  • Just like software helped streamline businesses, AI will further reduce costs and improve the quality of many tasks across every industry

  • This could be anything from helping farmers plant better to providing everyone with free machine-powered psychologists

  • We’re agnostic to the industry and would eventually like to fund an AI company in every vertical

  • We only ask that the team has sufficient ML experience to build out their vision

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