Michele Tiberio

Michele Tiberio


Born in Palermo in 1987, Tiberio studied photography and design in Italy and then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London in the United Kingdom. He began his career as a designer and engineer before dedicating himself fully to sculpture and installations. Tiberio has exhibited in Rome, Palermo, and London. His works have been included in exhibitions at the Welcome Collection in London, Palazzo Constantino in Palermo, and the Istituto di Cultura Austriaco in Rome. In 2017 he had his solo show at Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea. His last project, conceived with Niccoló De Napoli, is “Misconception: a way to misunderstand reality”, it had been part of the Manifesta 12 Collaterals in Palermo. Michel Tiberio has been selected by the Fondazione Merz for Meteore in Giardino, 2019, that will take place in Turin in summer.

Website: micheletiberio.com

"Me, My scent"


Another thing that is immediately evident is how digital identity has a different way of preserving information and memories with respect to our physical identity: the human brain is also made to forget, erase useless or painful information and leave room for other memories and thoughts; in the digital memory, however, everything is blocked forever in the network or in some unreachable server, the right to be forgotten does not exist and our “actions” are forever embedded in our identity. Leafing through the book, however, you immediately notice something imperceptible to the eye: a fragrance rises from the pages of the book. This perfume is a personal and unique fragrance, but it is not created by an expert nose, but by an algorithm that analyzes all the data that make up my digital identity and builds a precise profile on which to synthesize a mix of essences that create a specific and unique fragrance.

Description of the work

For the Re-humanism competition I want to propose the work “Me, My Scent”. The work is a sculptural work made by a visible component and an invisible component. A large searchable book placed on a lectern keeps all traces of my digital identity inside, but the book also emanates a scent: the scent of my digital identity, created by an artificial intelligence. The book that composes the work, is a book where I collected all the traces of my digital identity: I requested all my data collected from technology companies (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, iPhone, etc.etc.) And I entered a large paper volume, freely available to anyone who wants. Without any censorship and without any cuts private messages, photos, likes, pages visited and searches, become visible and public to anyone approaching. This volume represents in physical form a trace of my digital identity, in its heavy and cumbersome materiality: more than 1500 pages go to compose an incredibly precise profile of a me that existed only in the network, influenced by the physical world and that, at its time, it influences the physical world. This cataloging work immediately reveals how the data collected on each one of us are not complex abstract information to be deciphered: they are words and opinions, photographs and preferences that anyone who has the opportunity to buy or collect on the web can use, as well as anyone want to browse the work can access all the information about me (or my digital ego?).

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