Enrico Boccioletti

Enrico Boccioletti


My work ponders on the consequences of technology encountering one’s intimacy, self and mutual understanding. In several projects over the past years I have been questioning about the digital image and representation of the self, algorithmic identity and heteronomy, structures of empathy existing in-between and beyond verbal communication, and the ghostly forces embedded in informational turmoil. Engaging in long-term and research based operations—with latent and diverse output dispersed in different forms and formats, or no output at all—enabled me to develop a practice detached from visuality or style, including the possibility of failure as a means to address change and multiplicity, and to embrace versioning and revisions as a method. Comprehending the threshold of the physical with the nonmaterial, or the contradiction of existing as a human body at the interchange with hybrid, digital and nonhuman entities is central to my activity as an artist. I have approached different sources with nonlinear/non-rational inclination, both as quasi-readymade material as well as raw material for further rumination, transposition, displacement, and permutation in time.

Website: spcnvdr.org

Enrico-Boccioletti - Devenir-fantôme

"Devenir Fantôm"

Description of the work

Devenir-fantôme (2018) sarà un medley di quattro lavori precedenti e in corso di lavorazione, che hanno a che fare con il limite dell’empatia raggiungibile dalla sintesi vocale e la composizione algoritmica, e il tentativo di allenare software a simulare sensazioni umane come la noia, la  disperazione, l’affetto, la sorpresa, la curiosità e la paura. Nel corso dell’ultimo anno ho lavorato su quattro progetti diversi utilizzando tecnologie di interazione uomo-macchina e macchina-uomo, come la traduzione MIDI, la randomizzazione di pattern armonici e la generazione di variazioni melodiche, la sintesi vocale SSML (iVox/  Ghost reader di Acapela e Amazon Polly di AWS) etext-to-speech.

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